Sapphire Engagement Rings


Sapphires and rubies both belong to the Corundum family(a crystalline form of aluminium oxide). Sapphires can be the intense blue colour they are famous for or what are known as ‘fancy sapphires’, which can be violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Sapphires can even be black, brown or grey and some can exhibit colour changes, going from blue in daylight to purple under incandescent light.

Sapphires have always been associated with royalty and romance. The kings and queens of ancient Rome and Greece wore sapphires to ward off harm and the clergy wore them in the Middle Ages to symbolise heaven. Throughout the ages they have also been used to guard chastity, make peace, and influence spirits. And the most recent royal to wear a sapphire was Princess Diana, who was given a blue sapphire engagement ring by Prince Charles.

The word sapphire comes from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’, which refers to lapis lazuli (a deep blue semi-precious stone) and when most people hear the word sapphire, they immediately think of the blue sapphire; the standard by which all other blue gems are measured.

Sapphire engagement rings

A sapphire engagement ring is a ring set with a sapphire in the centre, usually a blue one. Sapphire engagement rings are highly popular nowadays for a variety of reasons:

  • They are viewed as a fashionable alternative to a traditional diamond.
  • Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring is now worn by Kate Middleton, further increasing the sapphire’s popularity.
  • The colour blue is loved by many people for its associations with sea and sky.
  • Sapphires are extremely hard, making them a durable option for an engagement ring that is worn every day.

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we also love sapphires and have created some of the most beautiful sapphire engagement rings in the world. We believe the sapphire is a truly unique gem which reveals its soul every time you look into it and feel yourself drifting away in its placid blue depths.

In short, we share your passion for this extraordinary gem and we look forward to creating a sapphire engagement ring for you and your loved one that you’ll both cherish forever.

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We invite you to visit our showroom and sit down with one of our designer jewellers to discuss ideas for your ideal ring. We want you to be totally comfortable with your buying decision and when you visit us you’ll see why more people choose the Australian Diamond Brokers experience.

We treat each of our customers with care and respect and we guarantee your time with us will not only be helpful and enjoyable, but will result in you finding an engagement ring design that will delight you both.

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